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With the increase in school violence, teen pregnancy and drop outs, the need arises for more members of the community to reach out to our youth and school system with positive messages. For over twenty five years, Donald Thomas has been involved with the school systems of both Hawaii and New York. He has developed a presentation for teachers and students that address three major areas:

A positive attitude for success in school and life.

Healthy lifestyle and personal biology

The healthy alternatives to violence and drugs

Thomas is available for classroom, assemblies and physical education presentations. For more information contact:

Pamela Roldan-Thomas
) 345-6538 or

PDN Publishing & Health Products, Inc. is a listed vendor with the Hawaii State Department of Education

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According to the 2002 national report card on reading by the National Assessment of  Educational Progress (NAEP), most of our children (64%) are less than proficient in reading even after 12 years of our attempts to teach them:


African American
4th grade 60%
12th grade 46%
4th grade 56%
12th grade 39%
American Indian/Alaska Native
4th grade 49%
12th grade n/a
Asian/Pacific Islander
4th grade
12th grade 27%
4th grade 25%
12th grade 21%


African American
4th grade 88%
12th grade 84%
4th grade 85%
12th grade 78%
American Indian/Alaska Native
4th grade 78%
12th grade 80%
Asian/Pacific Islander
4th grade 63%
12th grade 65%
4th grade 60%
12th grade 58%

"There is a profound reading crisis in the United States. 39%, almost 40%, of fourth graders do not read even at the basic level and a majority of students do not read at the proficient level."  - James Wendorf, Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities (9-11-03 Children of the Code interview)

Reading problems contribute significantly to the perpetuation of socio-economic, racial and ethnic inequities.

"You know if you look at where we are today, the bottom line is for a country like America to be leaving behind about 38-40% of its youngsters in terms of not learning to read is unconscionable.  What makes it equally or doubly unconscionable is if you disaggregate those data: 70% approximately of young African Americans kids can’t read. 70%!  If you look at Hispanic kids, 65-70%! The fact of the matter is when we do our studies and we identify kids at risk for reading failure, we know that the majority of those kids who are at risk and who will hit the wall as they learn to read are kids from poverty." - Dr. G. Reid Lyon, Branch Chief, National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (9-11-03 Children of the Code interview)

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