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New Jump Swing is a health and fitness program inspired by the nutritional recommendations and philosophy of the late martial arts master and film icon Bruce Lee. This book represents over thirty years of research by the author in the areas of physical rehabilitation, sports nutrition and ethnic health disparities.


Despite having a knee disease (Osgood-Schlatter) and subsequent knee surgery on both knees, as the former celebrity chairperson for the American Heart Association-Hawaii Chapter, Jump Rope for Heart campaign, Thomas has demonstrated and taught his program to more than 60% of the school system within the state of Hawaii as well as many of its premiere fitness clubs.

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New Jump Swing
Jump rope fitness program for health and athletic fitness

Maximum Performance and A Winning Attitude

Historical Use of Herbs in Maintaining Physical Fitness

Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition

New Jump Swing Healthy Aging and Athletic Nutiriton Program

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New Jump Swing Forward-Introduction-Prologue


Herbs for Healthy Endurance


African American Health Disparities


Why Are There So Many Black Athletes?

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Labor Force Statistics From the Current Population Survey," last year African Americans were represented in a broad range of occupations. I encourage you to check out the full list, but below are the jobs that caught my eye, including both the raw numbers and percentages (in parentheses) of black workers within each job category. For reference, the 16.1 million African Americans working in 2013 made up 11.2 percent of all employed U.S. workers and were approximately 13.2 percent of the population as a whole.
· Police and sheriff's patrol officers: 98,974 (14.2 percent of all police and sheriff's patrol officers)
· Post-secondary teachers: 89,284 (6.8 percent of all post-secondary teachers)
· Physicians and surgeons: 59,776 (6.4 percent of all physicians and surgeons)
· Chefs: 58,225 (13.7 percent of all chefs)
· Lawyers: 45,864 (4.2 percent of all lawyers)
· Clergy: 37,310 (9.1 percent of all clergy)
· Civil engineers: 23,040 (6.4 percent of all civil engineers)
· Pharmacists: 14,958 (5.4 percent of all pharmacists)
· Writers and authors: 10,032 (4.8 percent of all writers and authors)
· Dentists: 8,601 (4.7 percent of all dentists, including my brother, Dr. Paul Gates)
· Psychologists: 6,696 (3.6 percent of all psychologists)
· Architects: 3,088 (1.6 percent of all architects)

Take, for example, the NFL. As recently as 2012, there were only 1,804 professional black players in the league. And in the NBA, which, to many, is synonymous with black popular culture, there were only 350 black players in 2012! Although basketball looms large in the black cultural imagination, NBA squads are quite small.
The most amazing fact of all? Get this: In 2012, there were more black neurologists (411) and black cardiologists (690) by far than all of the black men playing in the NBA (350)!
Those are the most recent numbers, taken from Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the US 2014, by Derek R. Smart, a publication of the American Medical Association. And the number of black brain surgeons (230) was equal to 60 percent of the number of black men playing in the NBA. That number is rising, too. Soon there will be more black brain surgeons than black basketball players.
Nevertheless, far too many of our children believe that it is, statistically, easier to make it into the NBA or the NFL than it is to make it into college and go on to professional school.



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