Jumping, Swinging having Fun

"You have solved
a unique problem 
in the development of
New Jump Swing."

-- Weston Cutter
-- Vice President 
-- Product Planning & Development
-- NordicTrac 

 The Most Effective Aerobic Exercise Ever Developed!

Sure every new fitness program claims that they are the best, but rope jumping is hardly new. On the contrary, rope jumping is as old as vines on trees! 

Let mind/body fitness expert and three times Guinness Book World Record Holder, Donald "Spiderman" Thomas, teach you the ropes the New Jump Swing way.

Designed for athletes in training, those looking for an effective weight management program, as well as those looking for good clean recreational fun, the  New Jump Swing video teaches you how to be light on your feet, develop hand/body coordination, as well as condition yourself for sports activities. 

Filmed entirely on location, on the island of Oahu, in beautiful Hawaii, Thomas teaches you the fundamentals of his New Jump Swing program.

The unique feature of New Jump Swing is that it requires you to swing the rope at least a third of the time, making it practical for everyone to do, even if you think you have two left feet!


Same Old Problems the official theme song of New Jump Swing

Some of the sports enhanced through the practice of New Jump Swing are:

golf swimmingmartial arts
all racket sportstrack and fieldbodybuilding

Rope Jumping Calorie Counter

Exercise Caloric Estimator

American College of Sports Medicine Physical Activity and Public Health guidelines

 World Record Breaking Herbal Sports Nutrition Program

Employing the Guinness Book World Recordsas the method of demonstrating this system of Mind/Body fitness, Thomas has presented the New Jump Swing Sports Nutrition Program, on three separate occasions

The New Jump Swing 

Sports Nutrition Program

is called:

PDN Vegetarianism

After 93 consecutive hours of reading, talking and staying awake, I was able to give several televsion interveiws as well as jump rope.

Over a ten yer period of time (1978-1988) I demonstrated the sports nutrtion benefits within the New Jump Swing Sports Nutrtion program, 7 times.

Three of those times have been entered into the Guinness Book of Records.


At NO TIME was I under the influence of any illegal drug or stimulant.

At NO TIME, was I using caffeinated sugar water, flavored with herbs and vitamins




The U.S. market for energy drinks is estimated at $5.4 billion in 2006, according to Packaged Facts, growing at an annual rate of 55% per year

Energy drinks


Top-selling energy drinks

Caffeine (mg) Can size (oz)

Amp 75 mg per 8.4 oz

Red Bull 80mg per 8.3 oz

Full Throttle 144 mg per 16 oz

Monster 160 mg per 16 oz

No Fear 174mg per 16 oz

Rockstar 160 mg per 16 oz

SoBe Adrenaline Rush 79mg per 8.3 oz

Tab Energy 95mg per 10.5 oz

High-caffeine energy drinks

BooKoo Energy 360mg per 24 oz

Fixx 500mg per 20 oz

Wired X505 505mg per 24 oz

Other beverages

Brewed coffee 77-150mg per 6 oz

Coca-Cola Classic 34.5mg per 12 oz

Dr Pepper 41mg per 12 oz

Mountain Dew 54mg per 12 oz

Pepsi-Cola 38mg per 12 oz

Source: Packaged Facts, Roland Griffiths

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